Montessori Alternative Public School Society


What is the Montessori Alternative Public School Society?

MAPSS was formed in 1999 when a dedicated Montessori educator and group of parents proposed that the Montessori method become an option for students in Calgary’s public school system.

To make public Montessori school possible, MAPSS raises funds to purchase Montessori materials and classroom tools, provide teacher training, present parent education, and purchase Montessori parent resources for each school’s library.

Montessori programs in Calgary
MAPSS supports the development of quality Montessori programs in Calgary Public Schools as a choice for parents and children.

What does MAPSS do for MY school?

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) provides an excellent education to ALL of the children of Calgary regardless of the program they are in.  Families of Calgary are lucky that CBE has adopted a progressive approach to education. While the regular CBE program provides a high quality education for all students, they understand that no educational program is ideal for every learner. Some would benefit from programs that approach the curriculum differently.

MAPSS was formed in 1999 when a dedicated Montessori educator and group of parents proposed that the Montessori method become an option in the CBE. However when the proposal came to the Board of Trustees there were limited funds to finance the program. And so the MAPSS fundraising ventures began.

Since that time, MAPSS has raised nearly $900,000 to supplement the CBE’s investment. We have contributed to Montessori materials and classroom tools, teacher training, parent education, and Montessori parent resources for each school’s library.

Our schools have been flourishing and enrollment in our Kindergarten and Grade One programs have never been higher. We are very excited with the increased interest in Montessori education and the growth of our schools. MAPSS is dedicated to supporting our schools, Principals and the CBE helping build the strongest Montessori.

Captain John Palliser School

Killarney School

Lake Bonavista School

The MAPSS Board of Directors

President:    Thom Dutchak

Vice-President:    Stephanie Martin

Treasurer/Secretary:    Dorma Chung

Founding Director:    Judith Doucette

Fundraising Chair:     Jessica McGlashing

Communications:    Melanie Kazimir

Casino Chair/Director:     Chad Martin

Social Media Chair:    Megan Mccullough

Director:     Shan Rahim

Priorities of Our Strategic Plan

Over the next five years MAPSS has committed itself to achieving the following objectives.  These will be our top priorities.

1. Excellence in the Classroom

2. Awareness

3. Sustainability

Want to know more about our Strategic Plan?  Contact us here.

News and Resources

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The MAPSS Messenger is our newsletter, connecting our supporters, volunteers, and members.

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Annual General Meeting

Our last AGM was held on October 13, 2021  Thanks to all who attended!

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